Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Latihan Soal Passive Voice

Change these Active sentences into Passive Voice!
1. I write a letter.
2. He is buying a car
3. He hated me.
4. I was admiring this statue.
5. They will polish the car.
6. I have punished those children.
7. She would sell her house.
8. We had found your watches.
9. David didn’t rode the bicycle.
10. She cut my nail.
11. We are arresting the pickpocket (copet)
12. I shall buy a car.
13. Do you love me?
14. Have you paid all debt? (debt=hutang)
15. I have found your wallet.
16. Mr. Thomson doesn’t trust you.
17. He teaches me English.
18. The servant sweeps the rooms.
19. Mother makes a cup of tea.
20. She takes a plate from the cupboard.
21. My uncle used my car.
22. People admire the picture.
23. The wind blew his hat down the street.
24. They will take her to hospital tomorrow.
25. The police gave me $5 reward.
26. They will send Nazarudin to prison.
27. People should make lesson more interesting.
28. They have eaten all the dinner.
29. Somebody left the light on all night.
30. No one can answer your question.
31. They built two new house last year.
32. Someone has stolen my collection of coin.
33. Lions attacked the travelers.
34. I have sharpened the knives.
35. Someone blew whistle three times.
36. The police have to put you in prison.
37. We have found the stolen car in another town.
38. You didn’t feed the chicken yesterday.
39. The students can submit their assignments.( tugas)
40. We must write the answers on one side of the paper.

Change these Passive sentences into Active voice!
1. I was offered me a good seat. (seat = tempt duduk)
2. You have been vaccinated by the doctor.
3. Has the lion been shot by you?
4. Mr. David will be visited by me next week.
5. The lamp is broken by my brother.
6. The composition was written by me.
7. All of the boxes will be moved by the workers.
8. My book have been stolen.
9. The piano was being played loudly by my neighbor.
10. Milk is used for butter and cheese.
11. You have been invited by the headmaster.
12. A clever student was praised by the teacher.
13. The machine has to be cleaned every month.
14. The house was built in 1995.
15. Some computers were stolen by the thieves last night.
16. Cars are produced by Japanese.
17. This machine is operated by a robot.
18. The book was printed by Gramedia.
19. The building has been guarded by the securities.
20. This picture was painted by an artist last year.
21. The office was redecorated last nigt.
22. Printing machines were invented in 1450.
23. Attention is not given by his parents.
24. Cathy’s birthday will be celebrated by her family next week.
25. The ball should be kicked by the player.

6 komentar:

  1. soalnya bagus, tetapi akan lebih baik bila diketahui jawaban yang benar karena itu baru membantu.

  2. Jawaban yang A 1. A letter is written by me 2. A car is bought by him 3. I was being hated by him 4. This statue was being admired by me 5. The car will be polished by them 6. Those children has been punished by me 8. Your watches had been found by us 10. My nail is cut by her 11. The pickpocket is being arrested by us 15. Your wallet has been found by me 18. The rooms are swept by the servant 19. A cup of tea is made by my mother 20. A plate from the cupboard is taken by her 21. My car was used by my uncle 22. The picture is admired by people Mohon di koreksi jika ada kesalahan 😅

  3. un aja ada kuncinya?
    masak ini nggak ada?